Other fuses


Fuses for Battery Applications, Powered Forklifts, and Industrial Vehicles.

Voltage Ratings: 36VDC and 80VDC

Standards: DIN 43560 part 1

                    DIN 72581-2

SIBA D (European Standard)

Also known as diozed or neozed fuses, they have the non-interchangeability of fuse links due to

the graduated contact diameter to current rating, with matched gauge piece in the fuse base.

Class: F and gG/gL

Voltage Ratings: 400VAC – 250VDC

Standards: IEC 60269-3-1

                    DIN VDE 063 part 301

                    DIN 49515, 49360, 49365 and 49522

G Section Miniature Fuses

Ratings available for semiconductor protection with a high interrupt rating up to 200kA.

Class: aR, F, T, M, FF, TT, TD and gPV

Voltage Ratings: 400VAC, 500VAC - 220VDC / 440VDC, 690VAC, 1000VAC and 1500VAC

Sizes (mm): 5x20, 6.32x32, 5x25, 5x30, 8x40 and 8x50

Standards: IEC 60127

                    DIN VDE 0820


                    UL 248-14

                    UL 512

                    CSA-C 22.2 no. 248.14

                    IEC 60269

NH Low Voltage

Features top or dual indicator for visual blown fuse indication and are available in a

variety of voltage ratings, body sizes and operating classes.

Class: gG, gB, aM, gTr and gTF

Voltage Ratings: 400VAC, 500VAC - 220VDC / 440VDC, 690VAC, 1000VAC and 1500VAC

Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4a

Standards: IEC 60269-1 & 2, EN 60269-1 & 2

                    VDEN 0636 part 1 & 2

                    VDE 0636 part 2011

                    DIN 43620

Ultra-rapid fuses


URDC-PV SolarPhotovoltaic Fuses

Lowest power losses in the industry and highest cyclic load. Tested and approved by the world’s

largest PV inverter manufacturers.

Class: gPV, gFP

Voltage Ratings: 600VAC to 1500VAC

Standards: UL 248-19

                    IEC 60269-6

Approvals: E341342


URZ Cylindrical Fuse

Available in six different sizes (mm): 5x20, 6.35x32, 10x38, 14x51, 22x58 and 27x60 with

high interrupt ratings up to 300kA

Class: gR, aR and gRL (gS)

Voltage Ratings: 2500VAC to 1000VAC

Standards: UL 248-13

                    IEC 60269-1 & 4

                    DIN / VDE 0636-40

                    DIN 43653

Approvals: E180276

URS Semiconductor Protection US and European

Available in four body sizes; SQB 1 through 4 and now offer UL recognized fuses tested

at 900VDC 236kA at L/R =2.7ms to meet the demands of energy storage systems.

Class: aR

Voltage Ratings: 700VAC, 1300VAC, 2000VAC and 2500VAC

Standards:  UL 248-13

                     IEC 60269-4

                     DIN / VDE 0636-40

                     DIN 43653

Approvals: E180276

URM German Standard Semiconductor Protection

Ultra Rapid NH knife blade contact type fuses are available in various sizes and four

voltage ratings. They follow DIN/VDE-IEC standards and can be fitted in an open fuse base.

Class: gR, aR

Voltage Ratings: 500VAC, 690VAC, 1000VAC and 2000VAC

Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3

Standards:  UL 248-13 *NEW*

                     DIN 43620

                     DIN 43653

URL gS Full Range Semi-Fuse

Ultra Rapid gRL fuses have “aR” characteristics for short circuit protection of

semiconductors and “gG” characteristics for overload protection for cables = “gRL”.

Class: gRL

Voltage Ratings: 400VAC to 700VAC

Standards:  IEC 60269-4

                     DIN 43663

                     VDE 0636 part 40

                     UL 248-13

URE BS88 Semi-fuses

Extreme high shock and vibration with high interrupting ratings to 120kA.

Class: aR

Voltage Ratings: 240VAC to 700VAC

Standards: IEC 60269-4

                     BS 88-4

URDC-ESS (Energy Storage)

Specifically designed and tested for the stringent requirements of Energy Storage System (ESS)

applications. Developed according to customer’s specifications and utilized by large OEM’s globally.

Class: aR, gR, and gRL (gS)

Voltage Ratings: 440VAC to 4200VAC

Standards:  UL 248-13

                     IEC 60269-4

                     IEC 60077-5

                     VDE 0636-40

URDC Traction and DC-fuses

Designed for heavy duty applications for Solar Power (PV), Energy Storage Systems (ESS),

protection for inverters, motor drives, DC drives, railway power and auxiliary circuits.

Class: aR, gR and gRL (gS)

Voltage Ratings: 440VAC to 4200VAC

Standards: UIC 550

                    IEC 60269-4

                    IEC 60077-5

                    VDE 0636-40

URB Semiconductor Protection

Extremely high interrupting ratings 100kA – 300kA

Class: gR and aR

Voltage Ratings: 660VAC to 1000VAC


Standards: UL 248-13

                    IEC 60269-1 & 4

                    DIN VDE 0636-40

                    DIN 43653

High-voltage fuses

HHD Applications Guide

PT Protection Fuses

These specially designed fuses have excellent current-limiting properties with

the capability of isolation the faulty potential transformer in a matter of

milliseconds from the grid.

NEW – E-Rated fuses per IEEE C37-41-2008

HHBM-BM BS Bolted Motor

Specifically designed for British or DIN standard motor protection, these fuses

are designed and constructed to well proven concepts developed by SIBA to deal

with cyclic loads typical for motor circuits with lower power losses compared to

commonly used HV fuses.

HHC - (Capacitor Backup American Style)

Designed for optimum capacitor circuit protection for the North

American market. Meets requirements for indoor and outdoor use