Miniature fuses

Measuring equipment, sensor technology, machine controls - industrial electronics are the nervous system of manufacturing industry and constitute a continuous sequence of high-flying developments. Complicated, sometimes extremely miniaturised devices and fittings working in close communication with one another ensure that everything works as it is supposed to. Complex programming ensures that the many cogs in the production machinery all work smoothly together. Equipment with such an important role also needs special protection: SIBA miniature fuses ensure that if the worst should come to the worst, the components have a soft landing. To protect your electronics from harm.

G Section Miniature Fuses

Ratings available for semiconductor protection with a high interrupt rating up to 200kA.

Class: aR, F, T, M, FF, TT, TD and gPV

Voltage Ratings: 400VAC, 500VAC - 220VDC / 440VDC, 690VAC, 1000VAC and 1500VAC

Sizes (mm): 5x20, 6.32x32, 5x25, 5x30, 8x40 and 8x50

Standards: IEC 60127

                    DIN VDE 0820


                    UL 248-14

                    UL 512

                    CSA-C 22.2 no. 248.14

                    IEC 60269